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Meticulous Air Balancing and Air Flow Measuring

It is important for both homes and businesses that the air in the building is distributed properly. At MLC TESTING / SO CAL AIR BALANCING all of Southern California, we provide air balancing and air flow measuring for both commercial and residential clients.

Air Balancing

The methods of air balancing include air flow measurements, HVAC testing, and combustion testing. They are necessary to make sure that you have an adequate and comfortable flow of air to all rooms. Having conducted the testing, if any adjustments need to be made, we will do so. This service is available for contractors working with both residential and commercial clients. The reports created are completed within 24 hours of testing.

Duct Blaster - Air Balancing

Kitchen Hood Testing  and Certified Air Balance Reports

To complete the testing, we come to your restaurant or kitchen and measure the air flow and velocity to make sure that there is enough to remove the smoke, grease, and heat from the kitchen. Not only will we conduct that test for you, but we will also make the adjustments and balancing necessary to balance the air flow, and meet Department of Environmental Services Regulations.
Checking Air flow
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